Focal Chorus Range – Special Buy

Posted on August 27th, 2019

Focal created the Chorus range to make high-fidelity widely accessible. Chorus brings Focal technologies into the houses of music lovers who want to experience true high-quality sound. They’ll be sure to find the best product in this price range, a product designed specifically for them. Pricing is as follows:

Chorus 705 $750.00 MSRP Now $499.00
Chorus 706 $979.00 MSRP Now $699.00
Chorus 716 $1899.00 MSRP Now $1299.00
Chorus 726 $2199.00 MSRP Now $1399.00
Chorus SR700 $999.00 MSRP Now $699.00
Chorus CC700 $749.00 MSRP Now $499.00

All pairs except CC700. More info at