Bryston B135 Cubed Integrated Amplifier

Posted on June 9th, 2021

The return of an old friend; the Bryston B135 Cubed integrated amplifier is back at the Ark
“Bryston proves that integrated amplifiers give no ground to their separate counterparts. The B135 is literally constructed of the BP-17 preamplifier and 2.5B Cubed amplifier into a single chassis offering the best of both products without occupying extra space and costly interconnects. For those who wish to save money and space yet refuse to yield sound quality, the B135 Cubed Integrated Amplifier is a top choice.”

Our B135 is fully loaded with a MM phono board and an excellent DAC module.

Priced from $6895.00 with the MM phono adding $1000.00 and the 192 kHz/ 24-bit DAC module adding a further $750.00.