The award winning REL T7i subwoofers are back in stock.

Posted on February 25th, 2021

The T/7i is, without reservation, one of the most-balanced RELs of all time. In order to achieve perfect balance, a sub must weigh speed against heft, while ensuring true extension-depth-and do so in a physically harmonious package. T/7i manages to make it all seem easy. Quick and delicate for a perfect blend, it can pound out exceptionally deep, tuneful bass that belies its size and plays louder than most will ever require.

MSRP -$1320.00

Focal Celestee Closed Back Headphones Have Arrived.

Posted on February 20th, 2021

Celestee combines modern design, luxurious finishes and impressive sound performance. Their exclusive Focal speaker drivers guarantee excellent dynamics and high precision sound. The earcups have undergone acoustic treatment to restrict resonance and achieve uncompromising audio quality: the sound is clean, precise and with good bass extension.

Another standout feature of Celestee is its unique Navy Blue and timeless Soft Copper colourway.
The headphones are further enhanced with the use of high quality materials and crafted with the semi-aniline leather on the earpads, headband and earcups. Celestee’s design is a masterclass in Focal’s craftsmanship.

The aluminium yoke has controlled geometry to mould perfectly to the head while providing excellent grip and even greater comfort.
Celestee reveals the intensity of every listening moment, whether at home or on the go.

MSRP -$1290.00


Posted on February 17th, 2021

Stereo receivers used to be a dime a dozen. Now they are the exception rather than the rule.
We think it’s fantastic that Cambridge Audio continues to manufacture two high quality FM/AM stereo receivers.

The AXR85 boasts 85 watts of power, a built-in phono stage for connecting record players with Moving Magnet cartridges, a front panel 3.5mm input for iPod/MP3 players, built-in FM/AM radio with RDS and 30 presets and four analogue inputs for connecting all your music, AV and audio sources. In addition, the built-in bluetooth receiver allows you stream your favourite music from your smartphone, tablet or PC. $599.99 MSRP.

The most powerful amplifier in the AX range offers a massive 100 watts per channel, a dedicated subwoofer speaker output for improving bass and two sets of speaker outputs. It also features analogue inputs, digital inputs, a phono stage, an FM/AM receiver with RDS and a 3.5mm input. In addition, the built-in bluetooth receiver allows you stream your favourite music from your smartphone, tablet or PC. $749.99 MSRP.

ANTHEM MRX Receivers are in the barn.

Posted on February 10th, 2021

The most economical ‘one-component’ route to home theater by including both A/V processor and amplification in one unit. Selects the source, decodes the multichannel cinema surround-sound format, controls volume, performs room equalization, manages bass signals when a subwoofer is used, and sends video content to display device. Can be controlled by typical custom home integration controls. Secondary zone capabilities, and control of other devices through trigger and/or HDMI CEC.

MRX540 – $1999.00 MSRP
MRX740 – $2999.00 MSRP
MRX1140 – $3999.00 MSRP

FINALLY!!! – Okki Nokki ONE Record Cleaning Machines have arrived.

Posted on February 4th, 2021

FINALLY!!! Okki Nokki ONE Record Cleaning Machines Have Arrived.

Features are as follows:

* Single control button
* Extremely easy to use
* Bi-directional full size 12 inch platter
* Record clamp with label cover and 45RPM adapter
* Silent and powerful vacuum system
* Waste fluid reservoir with level indicator
* All-in-one vacuum arm for 12 inch / 10 inch / 7 inch vinyl
* Goat hair brush included
* 50 ml record cleaning fluid concentrate (make one litre)
* Dustcover included.
* MSRP – $800.00