Marantz NR1607 – Now In Stock

Posted on May 30th, 2016

Discover a thrilling new dimension in sound from a high-quality AV receiver that occupies minimal space: that’s the promise of the NR1607. Featuring high current discrete power amplifiers on all 7 channels, the NR1607 delivers astonishing power and clarity from a cabinet just a little more than 3 inches high. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, with dual antennas for robust connection, let you stream your music via AirPlay or Spotify Connect, from 10,000 Internet Radio stations or from local network storage drives – all the way through to high resolution audio, and with the famous Marantz sound quality.

$899.00 MSRP

Grado GS2000e Imminent

Posted on May 27th, 2016

These new Grado headphone received their first public airing at the Munch Hi-Fi Show earlier this month. While possessing the same form factor as the acclaimed GS1000, the 2000 features two notable improvments; a new purpose built 50mm drive unit married to a new hybrid construction of mahogany and maple.

More info available here.

$1950.00 MSRP.

Victoria Day – Closed

Posted on May 20th, 2016

We will be closed on Monday, May 23rd for Victoria Day. Normal business hours resume on Tuesday, May 24th.

Project RPM5 Carbon Has Landed

Posted on May 13th, 2016

RPM 5 Carbon utilizes a radical concept with a lot of innovations, that originate from its big brother RPM 9 Carbon: A low resonance chassis holds a newly designed inverted platter bearing with ceramic ball for further reduced rumble. The acoustically inert platter is made from acrylic. An outboard 15V AC motor is smoothly driven using an ultra-precision AC generator with DC power supply for further enhanced speed stability. The classy 9“ cc Evo tonearm, which is made from carbon fibre is suitable for any high-quality MM or MC cartridge. A TPE-damped counterweight eliminates unwanted resonances. All ingredients add up to a miracle in sound for the price. Its ultra-stylish look is available in 3 exclusive high-gloss finish versions.

$1699.00 MSRP

Audioquest Nighthawk Cable Update

Posted on May 6th, 2016

There are a vast array of headphone amplifiers available with XLR/Balanced connections for enhanced performance. Our beloved Bryston BHA-1 is one such device. Audioquest, being the clever lads and lassies that they are, have responded to said innovation with two cable options for the accolade magnetic Nighthawk. They are:

Nighthawk Balanced Cable (1 x 4 Pin XLR) 139.00
Nighthawk Balanced Cable (2 x 3 Pin XLR or 2 x 3.5 mm*. Stereo) 189.00*.

(* for Pono devotees.)